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Podcast: Bryant McIntosh joins Pound The Talk

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern point guard Bryant McIntosh sat down with Henry Bushnell last Thursday to discuss his sophomore season, the team's accomplishments and shortcomings, his personal development, Steph Curry, and various off-the-court topics such as how recognizable he is around campus. A full rundown is below.

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2:15 — Reflections on the 2015-16 season
6:00 — The Big Ten Tournament loss to Michigan
7:35 — The Indiana game
10:45 — How often does he get recognized on campus?
14:05 — Assessing his personal performance
16:55 — Does he like the zone? "No."
21:30 — Trying to balance scoring and distributing
23:45 — Why haven't they played up tempo?
24:45 — Steph Curry and the SC30 Select Camp
27:45 — NBA Playoffs
29:40 — Trash talk
31:20 — Twitter questions
36:45 — Urgency, making the NCAA Tournament
38:20 — Lightning round

Feel free to comment below after listening, or tweet at us (@insidenu) or at Bryant (@Bryant_30_Mac) on Twitter.