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Miles Shuler signs with Carolina Panthers

Shuler makes the cut to 90 players with the NFC's reigning champs.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Going into the Carolina Panthers' rookie camp, there were five spots open.

Miles Shuler earned one of those spots.

Shuler, along with five other unsigned rookies (Carolina cut three players to open up more roster spots), was signed, making the 90-man roster. Shuler is the only undrafted wide receiver Carolina signed, as he will be joined by RB Jalen Simmons, TE Braxton Deaver (who Shuler and Northwestern played against in Durham this past season), OT Jordan Rigsbee, LB Jared Barber, and CB Shaquille Richardson.

The test for Shuler now is to make the 75-person roster, which is cut down during the preseason. His speed is his greatest weapon as he likely will try to carve out a special teams spot.