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NCAA women's golf championships: Northwestern is a legitimate national title contender

The Wildcats won their regional, and tee off at the NCAA Championships on Friday.

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Northwestern women's golf is the new lacrosse, which means they're really good and you should really start paying attention to them. The NCAA Championships begin Friday in Eugene, Oregon, and there's a very real chance that NU is still playing come the final two days of the tournament, Tuesday, May 24 and Wednesday, May 25.

The Wildcats play a junior, two sophomores and two freshmen. Yeah, no seniors, and they still regularly wreck their opponents. Northwestern won its regional in Shoal Creek, Alabama going away, is ranked 8th in the country, and is a very serious threat to win the national championship.

Some might say that it's a little too late to jump on the bandwagon, lest you be derided as a fair-weather golf fan.

But good news! As the Corporal of Northwestern Bandwagon Operations, I am keeping the deadline open for you. Fortunately, I have also provided you with all the information you could ever want — including TV channels for the NCAAs — in order to get you caught up on the best team on campus.

You are welcome.