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Podcast: Pat Fitzgerald joins Pound The Talk

Henry Bushnell and Ben Goren sit down with Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald to discuss a wide range of topics, from Fitz's personal life, to his team's 10-win season, to his thoughts on recruiting and college football as a whole.

Here's a rundown:

4:20 — Looking back on 2015 season
13:15 — Playing days, evolution of football over 20 years
17:40 — Coaching/watching his kids play sports
19:00 — Blackhawks fandom
20:15 — Balancing football and family
24:55 — Social media, technology, and the insanity of recruiting
31:30 — Gameday routine
36:15 — Lightning Round
38:40 — Favorite game of past 10 years
42:45 — Urging fans to fill Ryan Field

Thanks to Fitz for taking the time to make his Pound The Talk debut. We hope you enjoy.

One quick note: The podcast was recorded last Wednesday, prior to the NCAA's rescinding of its satellite camp ban. Our brief discussion of the ban, therefore, does not reflect Thursday's news.

Listen to the podcast above, or subscribe, download and listen on iTunes.