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Podcast: Chris Collins joins Pound The Talk

Thomas Joseph-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern head men's basketball coach Chris Collins joins Henry Bushnell and Jason Dorow to discuss everything from his team's 2015-16 season to the NCAA's transfer rules to why he has a piece of shattered glass from one of Darryl Dawkins' broken backboards at his house. A brief rundown of the conversation is below.

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9:30 — The evolution of his team over three seasons
22:00 — The decision to skip the CBI/Vegas 16 this year
23:45 — His connections to Duke
27:30 — His relationship with Fitz
31:00 — His dad’s involvement with the program
35:30 — Transfer rules
40:15 — His recruiting pitch three years in
44:30 — [En]light[e]ning round, AKA 15 minutes of Chris Collins story time

A full transcript of Collins' comments on transfers, in which he points out flaws in both the transfer market and grad transfer market, can be found here.