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Isiah Brown is going to wear the ugliest shoes ever next season

Shoe game bad

Late in the evening Saturday (or early Sunday morning depending on your point of view), incoming freshman guard Isiah Brown confirmed that he will be wearing these Lawnchair Force Ones on the court next season.

With Northwestern being an Under Armour school, Brown will be afforded the opportunity to wear Stephen Curry's brand new signature Mr. Rodgers XIs next season.

It's a bit of a strange move given just how wack these new Stephen Curry Early Bird Old Country Buffet Special Lows are and how decidedly cool Isiah Brown appears to be. Like check out Mario Chalmers plugging Brown's mixtape on Instagram earlier this week.

Starting my day off right. My lil cousins got a banger wit this one. Check em out @ozayszn @keezyflydiv

A photo posted by Mario Chalmers (@mchalmers6) on

As long as he is filling up the stat sheet next season, we at Inside NU believe Isiah Brown can wear whatever shoes, these hideous HyperMallWalkers or otherwise, his heart desires.

Still though, the shoes are bad.