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Tre Demps NBA Draft Scouting Report

Demps played two-guard at Northwestern but has point guard size at the next level

Thomas Joseph-USA TODAY Sports

Tre Demps had an up-and-down tenure in Evanston. A clutch shooter with the ability to get as hot as anyone in the nation, Demps' prospects at the next level are unclear. He can shoot the ball well and had an extremely low turnover rate given his usage, but size, ball-handling and consistency issues will be difficult for him to overcome.


Year Games/Starts Minutes/game Field goal % Three-point % Free Throw % Rebounds/game Assists/game Turnovers/game Points/game
2011-2012 4/1 14.3 .176 .250 .200 1.3 1.2 0.5 2.3
2012-2013 31/9 19.4 .379 .340 .733 1.7 0.8 0.8 7.8
2013-2014 33/6 29.8 .383 .343 .680 2.5 2.2 1.1 11.0
2014-2015 32/25 32.6 .421 .357 .658 3.0 2.6 1.5 12.5
2015-2016 32/32 37.0 .398 .332 .662 3.6 3.3 1.2 15.7
TOTAL 132/73 29.3 .395 .341 .670 2.7 2.2 1.1 11.5

(NOTE: Demps missed the majority of his true freshman season after suffering a shoulder injury and undergoing surgery.)

What stands out among Demps' stats above is his improvement in lots of facets of the game other than scoring. He upped both his rebounds and assists per game. Additionally, despite huge minutes played over his final two seasons and having the ball in his hands a lot, Demps averaged just over a turnover per game. He also fouled fewer than once per game as a senior.

What works against Demps though, is his shooting percentages. He eclipsed 40 percent from the field just once and never shot very well from either three-point land or the free throw stripe overall. He's the epitome of an aggressive streaky shooter. When he gets it going, he's tough to stop. Just ask Iowa (30 points on 22 shots). But when he's struggling, he often tries to shoot himself out of slumps — he missed double digit shots in 12 different games his senior year.


Height: 6 foot 2.5 inches

Weight: 194 pounds

Wingspan: 6 foot 4.5 inches

Standing reach: 8 feet

No step vertical: 30.0 inches

(NOTE: All measurements from Draft Express, measured at the 2016 Portsmouth Invitational)

At less than 6-foot-3, Demps does not have the size to be a shooting guard in the NBA, something he's been told before, including last summer at the Nike Basketball Academy. His 30.0-inch vertical isn't really impressive, but measurements have never been to Demps' advantage.


Demps can light it up when he's on, and he performed very well in front of scouts at the Portsmouth Invitational

He has legitimate three-point range and shoots well off the dribble as well as off a catch-and-shoot. He was Northwestern's main (and perhaps only) shot creator over his junior and senior seasons. He's also an incredibly clutch shooter, with several game-winners and key buckets late in games over his career. Ask Michigan.

An underrated aspect of his offensive game was how low his turnover rate was. Averaging only a turnover a game while playing 37 minutes every night is extremely impressive.

Demps is also a very solid defender who averaged fewer than one foul per game. Although he's not the quickest or the biggest, he stays in front of his man reasonably well and is a scrappy defender. His dad, Dell, is the GM of the New Orleans Pelicans and a former NBA player, so that may help in the process as well.


Demps doesn't have the ideal size to play off ball, and he hasn't shown the ballhandling skills or experience requisite to make it in the pros. Demps did play point from time-to-time when Bryant McIntosh came out, but those occurrences were never for more than a few minutes at a time.

He also is not very athletic in terms of jumping or quickness, which hurt him when he got in the paint. Because of his lack of size and jumping ability, Demps often settled for floaters instead of going up against post men and trying to get to the rim.

Demps is a streaky shooter from all over, but he also struggled somewhat at the foul line, shooting just 67 percent for his career.

Draft Outlook

Neither nor Draft Express has Demps getting drafted, and it would be pretty unreasonable to expect to hear his name called in the draft. However, he will likely get a shot with a Summer League team, so that's where he'll have to try to make his mark.