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Summer content 2016: What do you want to see as we prepare for football season?

This is your chance to tell us what to write this summer

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 12 more Saturdays until football is back in beautiful Evanston, Illinois!

Ok, that's a long time. Sorry if we got your hopes up.

On the bright side, that gives us a lot of time to preview the upcoming season. How will the Wildcats look to build off a 10-3 campaign and a New Year's Day bowl game appearance? Will the offense be better? Who will replace the seniors? There are a ton of questions to be answered, and we'll be hitting as many of them as we can.

The dog days of summer also give us time to get input from our readers. What do you all want to see?

We'll be sure to run a full-scale season preview just like last year, with positional breakdowns, most important player debates, schedule analysis and much, much more. We'll be at Big Ten Media Day and make the short trip north to lovely Kenosha, Wisconsin. We'll add a few features and provide film and statistical analyses as well, even if stats are, indeed, for losers. There'll be some basketball content, too. CROOTS for both football and basketball will come pouring in. Northwestern even has an Olympian this summer.

But we want to hear from you, the fans. If you need inspiration, here's what you asked for last year. If we didn't hit on it, feel free to ask again.

Either comment on this article, tweet at us (@insidenu), or comment on Facebook, and tell us what you want to read, or what you want to read more of, as the 2016 season approaches. Let's go 1-0 again this summer.