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Big Ten Media Days: Power Ranking the Big Ten media guide covers

When you pick up your credentials at Big Ten Media Days, you get a flash drive with every teams’ Media Guide pre-downloaded. That’s nice and all, but what we really care about is whose looks best. Here are the definitive Inside NU 2016 Big Ten Media Guide Cover Power Rankings™.

14. Wisconsin

A bleak, simple, plain white sheet with the Wisconsin "W." Not too much creativity here.

13. Michigan

Michigan seems to be really pushing their Citrus Bowl title here. A decent, black-and-white photo makes this slightly better than Wisconsin’s cover. But the font is maybe the most boring thing ever.

12. Iowa

Yeah, CJ Beathard’s face looks a little weird here. Not sure why Iowa wants to feature that on their media guide cover. So-so.
Let’s take a closer look at CJ Beathard’s face.

11. Maryland

Pretty good, but kind of an awkward picture by the Terps.

10. Nebraska

Sleek and a nice overlay pattern here by the Cornhuskers.

9. Ohio State

It looks cool, but we’re not a huge fan of the metallic theme.

8. Rutgers

Nice cover here, but it lacks some of pizzaz we’re looking for. This is the only time Rutgers will not be last in an Inside NU power ranking post.

7. Penn State

No doubt this is a sick cover. Inspiring, aesthetically pleasing. But it doesn’t have the "it" factor of the top 6.

6. Purdue

The all-white uni looks awesome here. Great job by Purdue. We love this color scheme.

5. Illinois

The Orange field look is great. Wonder if they’ll take a page out of Boise State’s book?

4. Indiana

We’re loving the close-up shot of the helmet. Good work, Indiana.

3. Northwestern

Clearly no hometown bias here, as Northwestern comes in at No. 3. We’re big fans of the black and purple color scheme, with Chicago in the background.

2. Minnesota

This close-up shot of Minnesota’s gloves is downright incredible. Makes us want to stare at this media guide for hours.

1. Michigan State

Michigan State pulled through big time this year. First off, the beautifully illustrated player photo is top-tier. But what makes this cover a winner is the trophies below (hey, give them credit for showing off what they earned). Finally, take a closer look below at what Michigan State did with the player’s visor.
WOW. No words.