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Northwestern makes slight uniform changes for the 2016 season

Northwestern tweaks uniforms for 2016

Northwestern is making slight alterations to their uniforms for the upcoming season.

The jerseys will no longer have an off-colored collar, and they will have three stripes on the sleeve. The white jersey has purple sleeve stripes and the purple jersey has black stripes. Additionally, the uniforms feature Under Armour’s newest technology, making it a more comfortable and breathable for all players.

Additionally, some Northwestern players will be using a more form-fitting helmet that is in the testing stages from Riddell. Quarterback Clayton Thorson is among the players using the new helmet.

The most noticeable change is on the pants. They feature the purple Northwestern stripe but are otherwise unchanged.

Also added into the uniform rotation are new cleats, which players will have the option to wear on top of the traditional ones from last season.

Of course, Northwestern used a bevy of uniforms last season. They used 12 different combinations essentially becoming Under Armour’s version of Nike’s Oregon, and we can expect a similar trend this season.