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RECAP: This week in Northwestern Athletics, August 1-8

Eastern Illinois v Northwestern
What a week!
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

News and Notes

  • Former Northwestern QB Kain Colter was signed by the Buffalo Bills. Former Northwestern linebacker Chi Chi Ariguzo signed with the Detroit Lions.
  • Anthony Walker was named a second-team preseason All-American and ranked No. 52 on ESPN’s list of the 100 best college football players. However, he’s still working as a superhero, last time we checked.
  • Northwestern was ranked 50th all-time in a collection of AP rankings from the entire history of college football.
  • Northwestern was not ranked in the Week 1 Amway Coaches’ Poll. This was not a surprise. But why does Amway sponsor the Coaches’ Poll? Why does the Coaches’ Poll need a sponsor? Can we keep anything away from the long reach of corporate sponsorship? (glances at banner ad on screen) Oh no, we can’t.
  • Bryant McIntosh and Sanjay Lumpkin were named captains of the men’s basketball team.
  • Justin Jackson was ranked as the eleventh-best player in the Big Ten.
  • You should watch Jordan Wilimovsky in Rio.

Analysis and Features

Know Your Opponent

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Pound the Talk

  • Took a week off.