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Trevor Siemian named co-starter at quarterback for the Denver Broncos

Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It’s happening!

Former Northwestern quarterback Trevor Siemian has been named “co-starter” for the Denver Broncos alongside recently acquired quarterback Mark Sanchez, according to ProFootballTalk. The team’s first depth chart lists both Siemian and Sanchez as starting quarterback. Obviously, either Siemian or Sanchez will have to be relegated to the bench, unless Denver coach Gary Kubiak decides to run a strange two-QB system. However, the seemingly far-fetched reports of Trevor Siemian in serious contention have become reality.

The Denver quarterback situation has been in a state of chaos since Peyton Manning retired after the Super Bowl last year and the team elected to let Brock Osweiler leave via free agency. The Broncos drafted Paxton Lynch and traded for Mark Sanchez from the Eagles last offseason, but they appear to be ready to trust the player whose main role last season was end-of-game kneel-down specialist.

In all seriousness, Trevor Siemian has apparently earned the respect of Denver coach Gary Kubiak and the training camp battle between Sanchez and Siemian will get more interesting as August rolls on. Siemian showed some of the tools he needs to succeed in the NFL while at Northwestern and it’s amazing that he’s finally getting a shot. Northwestern is not exactly known for producing NFL-caliber starting quarterbacks, or even respectable backups, so this is an unexpected and amazing turn of events for Siemian. He does have experience as a dual starter, though, when he split time with Kain Colter.

What does this mean for you?

Almost nothing. Your Sundays will probably be 5-10 percent more entertaining. Also, you will probably have at least one opportunity to start Trevor Siemian in fantasy football. There is a very good chance Mark Sanchez will either be bad, hurt, or really bad. Paxton Lynch will probably not be ready until later in the season.

What does this mean for Inside NU?

Our “journalistic objectivity” might be compromised as we endlessly scour the Internet for the best highlights of Trevor Siemian in the NFL.

What does this mean for the Denver Broncos?

Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch better be competent, because Mark Sanchez is not the answer. Seriously, if Trevor can’t beat Mark Sanchez for the job, then he probably isn’t cut out to be an NFL quarterback. Also, this is yet another excuse to post this:


What does this mean for Trevor Siemian?

If Siemian can land the job and stay there for even three months, NFL teams will decide that he’s worth keeping around as a backup quarterback and pay him millions to hold clipboards. Just ask late-career Seneca Wallace or NFL legend Ryan Lindley. On the other hand, he could become a great starting quarterback with Denver’s ferocious defense and stellar offensive weapons.

Be sure to watch as Trevor Siemian leads Denver to back-to-back Super Bowls.

This won’t be the last you’ll see of this.