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Solomon Vault to honor Harambe on cleats this training camp

Solomon Vault paying tribute

Harambe has reached Northwestern, specifically on the cleats of Wildcat wide receiver and standout kick returner Solomon Vault.

The deceased gorilla, who was fatally shot on May 28, has since gained a cult-like following from several sources. He’s a well-regarded third party Presidential candidate, per Public Policy Polling.

Public Policy Polling results

That’s right. A dead gorilla who will live on forever in spirit is being considered for President.

Harambe isn’t just another gorilla. He’s a hero. Recently, Boston College quarterback Patrick Towles said he would dedicate his season to Harambe. Additionally, there has been a movement for the Cincinnati Bengals to change their name to the Cincinnati Harambes. Harambe was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The Justice for Harambe petition on has over half a million signatures.

Now of course, this doesn’t mean that Vault, the top kick returner in school history, will use the Sharpie tribute on gamedays; in fact, he makes note that it is “for camp.”

Still, Vault is clearly a concerned social activist. This is just the first domino in the Harambe movement in Evanston. Stay tuned.