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Scottie Lindsey, Gavin Skelly head to Croatia for Global Sports Academy Goodwill Tour

They’ll play five games against pro competition

Northwestern v Indiana Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Northwestern wing Scottie Lindsey and power forward Gavin Skelly, as well as assistant coach Pat Baldwin, are in Croatia for the next week and a half for the Global Sports Academy Goodwill Tour.

“Since 1991, Global Sports Academy (GSA) has been arranging tours for college and youth teams from the United States and countries around the world to promote international competition and goodwill,” the description reads. “Not only do athletes learn valuable lessons through participating in their respective sports in other countries, but they also enjoy the experiences of a lifetime by being exposed to different cultures, languages, and environments and performing community service while abroad.”

Lindsey and Skelly are no strangers to overseas competition. Last season, the Northwestern team as a whole went to Spain and participated in a series of five games against professional teams, going 4-1. Northwestern is no stranger to this organization, either. Jershon Cobb and Sanjay Lumpkin went on a similar tour in 2013.

The team will be under the direction of Baldwin, who was a standout player for the Wildcats and has returned as an assistant coach under Chris Collins.

Playing alongside Lindsey and Skelly are a collection of other Division I players. Here’s the full roster:

Team Baldwin Roster

Per the itinerary, Team Baldwin will travel across Croatia, playing five Croatian professional teams: KK Zadar, Sibenik, KK Jolly JBS, KK Kastela and KK Split. A full itinerary and more details of the trip are available here.

We will keep as close tabs as possible on Lindsey and Skelly during their trip.