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NFL Sunday open thread

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Maybe to take your mind of NU’s struggles...

Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Former Northwestern players are succeeding in the NFL at an all-time high!*

*this is not an official stat

Of course the Trevor Siemian rise has been not only been incredibly awesome but also pretty successful through one week (1-0 literally every week as a starter).

But he’s not alone. And while Touchdown Trevor isn’t playing as the full slate of weekend games, several other former Northwestern Wildcats are.

So if you’re tuning in to the pros this weekend, here’s your chance to chat it up, especially if any former Wildcats are making a big impact. Why? Because Thursday night’s GameThread was awesome, and all the former Wildcats deserve some love. Here’s the schedule of games that include former Northwestern players:

Noon CT

Cleveland Browns (Ibraheim Campbell) at Philadelphia Eagles

Chicago Bears (Sherrick McManis) at Houston Texans (Brian Peters)

Buffalo Bills (Corbin Bryant) at Baltimore Ravens

Raiders at Saints (Zach Strief)

Packers (Dean Lowry) at Jacksonville Jaguars

Feel free to follow along, give your Touchdown Trevor thoughts and maybe (just maybe) take your mind off NU.