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Northwestern Week 7 press conference notes

Targeting, targeting, targeting, and more targeting.

Pat Fitzgerald

  • Players of the Week: Justin Jackson, Brett Walsh
  • Big Playmakers: Nate Hall, Cam Green
  • Said Paddy Fisher was very emotional after the targeting ejection last week. Fitz complimented Fisher and Igwebuike on how they responded to the targeting ejections against Maryland.
  • “If it's an ejectable offense, it has to be forceable contact.” Fitz said. Still not backing down on saying the rule is a good rule, however.
  • “I was shocked that (Paddy Fisher) wasn't being more heavily recruited,” Fitz said.
  • “This is four weeks in a row that we’ve seen great backs, and I don’t think it’s gonna stop this week.” Northwestern is facing Iowa’s Akrum Wadley this weekend, a player that has traditionally torched Northwestern.
  • Fitz said Cam Green gave a “great effort” in relief of Garrett Dickerson. Dickerson participated in walkthroughs and felt much better.
  • Lauded kicker Charlie Kuhbander’s performance, has repeatedly stressed how calm and experienced Kuhbander seems. Kuhbander was named Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week.

Cam Green, Charlie Kuhbander, Riley Lees and Paddy Fisher

  • Fisher on whether was aware of not being recruited heavily in high school: “I’m a pretty slow guy...but I’m where I need to be.” On Katy: “Start with pads in second or third grade. It’s a culture, it’s in the blood.”
  • Kuhbander: “Now I’m just on a roll. Every kick’s the same for me, never even consider missing it. I’m comfortable any time Fitz sends me out.” Non-answer on his range, good PR training! “In high school, I had a really good kicking coach with me.
  • Fisher on targeting call: “Good call, bad play on my part. I went to the locker room and told Coach Fitz I felt like I let the team down. I was sad, wasn’t crying or anything, but definitely felt a feeling of remorse.”
  • Fisher on ejection: “The rules are the rules, and you gotta follow the rules.”
  • Riles Lees said Northwestern told him he was going to be a wide receiver immediately. “No one really recruited me as a quarterback. I had bad mechanics, I just sorta chucked it.”
  • Cam Green: “My dad taught me how to catch a football when I was two years old, with my hands, not with my body. I was always trying to catch my sister when I was growing up, trying to get out of her shadow...she even played football too, which was pretty cool.”