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Northwestern Week 9 press conference notes, Michigan State week

Pat Fitzgerald on the players spoke before prepping for Michigan State.

Pat Fitzgerald

  • Players of the Week: Nate Hall, Justin Jackson, Hunter Niswander. Niswander also won Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week.
  • “They’re practicing really hard. I think Tyler Lancaster has really taken on that leadership role and Jordan’s right there with him. We’ve got great confidence in everyone. Samdup Miller is really starting to come on a little bit.” Mentioned Alex Miller, Earnest Brown, Trent Goens.
  • On Macan Wilson: “For some guys, it happens right away. You got the Miller brothers, instant impact players, but for some guys it takes much longer.”
  • Fitz on Jeremy Larkin’s impact: “With a healthy Justin Jackson, it's likely going to be just spelling him the last 5 weeks of the season.” Jokingly warned Justin Jackson that Larkin was coming for his carries.
  • In 1995, Fitz said he wanted a roof in the media guide. Point still stands.
  • On Jackson’s key third-down conversion in overtime: “I think it was a really good call by Mick (McCall) to start off with...In space I'll take Justin—”
  • Fitz was happy to have Alonzo Mayo healthy.
  • Fitz said there was no sibling rivalry between the Miller Brothers, but was thrilled at what they’ve brought to the program.

Macan Wilson, Jeremy Larkin, Alonzo Mayo

  • Alonzo Mayo: “you have to have delusional confidence to play cornerback”
  • Larkin was happy about scoring on Saturday, said the touchdown really bolstered NU’s cause because of the defensive battle.
  • Jeremy Larkin: “I didn’t have to pass protect in high school.”
  • Mayo talked about his parents, both of whom were very athletic themselves (father played at Columbia).