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Northwestern Week 10 press conference notes, Nebraska gameweek

Did Paddy Fisher have 21 tackles or 17? Let’s find out.

Tristan Jung

Pat Fitzgerald

  • Players of the Week: Fisher, Cam Green, Kuhbander
  • Emotional swings: “It seemed like the first quarter went really quick Saturday and then the game just slowed down.
  • Attributed Paddy Fisher’s rapid rise to his work at Katy High School, his family, and his confidence. When asked on comparisons to himself (jokingly): “he’s got a chance to be better than Barry Gardner”
  • Fitz thought Nebraska played its best game of the season against Purdue. Nebraska won 25-24 after scoring a go-ahead touchdown with 21 seconds left.
  • Fitzgerald thinks that the official scoring for Fisher’s tackles (and tackles in general) aren’t great. Fitz thinks he had 21 tackles. “21 is the truth.”
  • “When they decided to put defensive tackles in the press box, it’s not longer reflective of reality.”
  • Fitz, jokingly, was short of 300 tackles by one.
  • What is a successful season? Fitz: “winning games.”
  • Redshirt freshman: “I just think the guys need to keep working to get better.”
  • “Every day is a new and spectacular challenge.”
  • Cam Green: “This is the most dedicated and focused I’ve ever seen Cam.” Fitz said that Green was in regardless of Dickerson’s availability.

Paddy Fisher, Macan Wilson, Tommy Doles

  • “You get into a groove as an offense.” - Macan Wilson on the triple-overtime period.
  • Tommy Doles thought it was the most fun game he’s played in.
  • On offensive line improvement: “There wasn’t any pep talk, any magic pill we took. Things are starting to come together. Playing with a chip on our shoulder, playing with an attitude.”
  • “Can’t let all that hype get to me and let that distract me.” - Fisher on living up to Walker, Fitz, getting awards, etc.

Dome Opinions:

Doles: “Ideal weather, 43 degrees, fall.”

Wilson: “I’d take a retractable dome.”

Fisher: “No dome.”

  • Doles was really complimentary of Jackson’s pass protection in overtime and in general.