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Drew Brees wears Northwestern gear after losing a bet with Austin Carr

The future Hall of Famer looks excellent in purple.


Don’t bet against the Wildcats.

New Orleans Saints quarterback and future Hall of Famer Drew Brees learned that the hard way. In a picture posted by former Northwestern receiver and current Saint Austin Carr, Brees is rocking a Northwestern shirt after his Boilermakers lost 23-13 to the Wildcats last Saturday.

Brees, the third-leading passer in NFL history, went 3-0 against Northwestern as a starter, including a 5-touchdown performance in 2000. But hey, LOOK WHO GOT THE LAST LAUGH.

Also, Saints, please play Carr more. He is good.

This isn’t the first time a future HOFer has lost a bet with a former Wildcat. It happened to JJ Watt (via Brian Peters) when Northwestern beat Wisconsin in 2015.