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Northwestern-Creighton press conference notes

Frustration with their defense was a theme throughout the postgame presser.

Will Ragatz

Greg McDermott

  • "It's a heck of a win for us, simply because of the respect I have for Chris Collins and Northwestern."
  • "We're a hard team to guard, they're a hard team to guard. That's why you saw such an entertaining game. It's not like our defenses are terrible."
  • On NU’s McIntosh/Lindsey/Law trio: "You have to pick your poison. It's hard to cover everybody."
  • On bench points, which were 33-4 in Creighton’s favor. "We felt like we had a depth advantage."

Chris Collins

  • "Obviously we're disappointed about the result of the game. The story was our inability to defend in the first half. We had a number of breakdowns. We have to be better defensively, especially against really good teams.”
  • On Creighton’s pace: “They push it. They had us on our heels. I thought our communication wasn’t as good. They’re a hard team to prepare for, you can’t simulate that. We played Monday, we couldn’t be running up and down the floor on Tuesday.”
  • On Law/McIntosh: “They were terrific. For those guys to give us 54 points, 10 assists, 9 rebounds, I was proud of them. They made big shots, big plays.”
  • On what Gaines provides: “His energy, his athleticism. He can be a guy as he continues to settle in where he can give us more offensive production. Tonight was a learning experience for him.”
  • On the atmosphere: “I felt energy. I heard the fans. Hopefully that’s something that we can keep up.”
  • “Do we miss Sanjay defensively, absolutely. We have enough veterans. We have to be better.”
  • On B-Mac’s playing virtually the whole game: “I’m okay with him playing heavy minutes. He’s in great shape. When you’re down 15, it’s hard to take him off the floor, especially with Scottie out with foul trouble. Would I like him to play 40 minutes? No. Can he? Yes.”
  • On taking more shots from deep: “I thought we were getting better threes. We really executed our offense well. We screened, we cut, we moved. A lot of our threes were open. Offensively, I got no problem with how we played tonight. We gotta get better on the defensive end.”

Vic Law, Bryant McIntosh

  • Law: “Most of their points were in transition or right at the basket. Their pace is nothing we haven’t seen before with Michigan State, Indiana. We gotta do better at keeping them out of the paint.”
  • McIntosh: “We’re a blue-collar, defense-first program. It’s disappointing.”
  • Law: “I pride myself as a defensive player and I think I gave up the last eight points of the game. I need to do a better job.”
  • Law: “We knew they had two really good wings that shoot the ball a lot. Just trying to do my job to stop the other team’s best player, that’s something I take pride in. I did well until those last two (threes by Foster) that killed us.”
  • McIntosh: “It was a really good basketball game. Really fun to watch for the fans, just didn’t end the way we wanted to.”
  • Law: “I don’t think you’ll see a 92-88 game in the Big Ten all year.”
  • McIntosh: “Gavin’s a good shooter in his own right, but Aaron (Falzon) will give us another weapon. He’s got a lot of energy, he talks well.”
  • McIntosh bristled at a question about not being at home. “This is a home game. Frankly, that question is getting a little redundant.”
  • McIntosh on persisting defensive issues: “We’ve had trouble switching, our communication’s been lacking. We keep talking about it but it keeps happening. Tonight it cost us the game.”
  • Law: “We’re in the same spot we were last year (after Butler loss). We’re going to go to Connecticut and try to win a championship. Whatever it takes.”