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Northwestern vs. Nebraska postgame press conference notes

Pat Fitzgerald was happy to have survived another OT game.

Northwestern became the first team to ever win three consecutive overtime games. Clearly, the team was happy with its performance.

Pat Fitzgerald

  • On Nebraska: “We definitely knew we’d have our hands full today.” Fitz said Riley was “a great friend and a great coach.” Riley has been on the hot seat and this loss might’ve sealed the deal. Fitzgerald to showed support right away.
  • “I made a mistake at the end of the first half, not taking a time out, and I didn’t want that to be the reason we weren’t successful today.”
  • Fitz said he wanted to make sure to win the game in overtime and make the right decision on that fourth down.
  • On Thorson: “I saw a man become the all-time winningest quarterback in program history.” Praised his resilience.

Reporter: “Looks like you got this overtime thing figured out!”

Fitz: “I would prefer not to.”

  • “I think it was critical [on holding NEB to a field goal] and that Godwin stop.”
  • On “character” - “It's getting me overrated though, I'm getting tired of these character building wins.”
  • Kyle Queiro chose to be matched up with Spielman.
  • On a third overtime win in a row: “We have confidence in tight games. Mick called a really good overtime.”
  • “We’re a young football team. We’re playing as many young guys as we’ve ever played. These are the games you’ll understand, as a young player, why we do the extra reps and extra things after the workout.”
  • Offensive line: “I think we’re getting better. I think we’re improving. We gotta get rid of the self-inflicted wounds, can’t have penalties (looked we had a couple).” Fitz said Jackson being healthy helped out the O-line

Clayton Thorson

  • “Definitely did not have my best stuff in this one. Really proud of how everyone picked me up.”
  • “Our O-Line did a really good job. [Jackson] and [Larkin] man, I looked up one time and it was like 270 yards rushing. They did a great job, credit to those guys.
  • On his play as the lead blocker for Justin Jackson: “probably could’ve gotten lower, got it in the facemask a bit.”
  • Told a Daily reporter “I can always count on you” after he asked about his inconsistency today.

Paddy Fisher

  • “Coach Fitz challenged them [the secondary] in practice and they practiced hard.”
  • “I definitely think it’s our mentality going in. Just get the guys going and get to play some more football.”

Kyle Queiro

  • “Not to be corny, but I thought I still left some plays on the field.”
  • “That first one was a simple zone drop and the quarterback threw it to my position and I was able to make a play on it.”
  • “Winning six games wasn’t the goal,” Queiro said, when asked about the team’s bowl prospects.