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Northwestern Week 11 press conference notes

Northwestern is back to business after its third straight overtime win.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Press conferences are still a thing, even in Week 10.

Pat Fitzgerald

  • WYLL 1160 AM for radio coverage this game due to a Blackhawks conflict. Take note!
  • Standouts: Macan Wilson, Justin Jackson, Tyler Lancaster, Blake Gallagher
  • Tom Hruby will be Northwestern’s honorary captain next week.
  • Fitz had a lot to praise about Jeff Brohm and Purdue, said they will be tough to scheme defensively.
  • “I thought we played pretty physical when we didn’t have the ball in our hands.”
  • "As a coach, I'll play whenever they want us to play. As a dad, I'd like to kick off at 8 AM."
  • On going for it on fourth down: “I think for the most part people are making the best decisions that are going on in the game.”
  • “The reason my name is on the stadium twice is because of an unbelievable defensive line.”
  • Larkin is learning a lot from Justin Jackson.
  • On the running backs: “They were awesome this offseason. They've grinded now for a long time. Similar to our D-line, that group's got great chemistry.”
  • Tyler Lancaster should be a “full go” for this weekend.

Tyler Lancaster, Joe Gaziano, Jeremy Larkin, Brad North

  • Larkin: “I didn’t know how much I’d get into the overtime until the actual snap. [Justin] Jackson told me to go in there, said my speed would help. It was nice.
  • “The offense will go as we go. I think every room says that, but for us its more true,” Brad North.
  • Gaziano prefers 11 a.m. games, unlike most of us.

Reporter: When Fitz says we’re going for it on fourth-and-1 in overtime, what does that mean?

Center Brad North: We better score.

  • Gaziano: “There was one clip from the Big Ten were someone had pronounced my name wrong, and they added and ‘r’ or something. They’ve been calling me anything that sounds Italian, Joe Fettuccine...” His actual nickname is apparently “Gaz”.