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Northwestern-DePaul press conference notes

Chris Collins and Scottie Lindsey were excited to get the win.

Chris Grismer

In the team’s first game at the brand-new Wintrust Arena, the Wildcats escaped with a 62-60 victory over the DePaul Blue Demons. Scottie Lindsey’s team-high 25 points, coupled with the team’s 11 triples, carried Northwestern to the win. Here’s what head coach Chris Collins, Lindsey, DePaul’s head coach Dave Leitao and Blue Devil Max Strus had to say after the game.

Chris Collins

On the game: “I can’t say enough about DePaul’s effort...Dave’s doing a great job...This was one of my proudest wins during my tenure at Northwestern. There was a lot going against us today...Our guys just refused to let that beat them today...We knew this was a game we needed to win based on our struggles early...It was a heck of a game...Playing in a game like today was rally fun.”

On the final play: “There was just a resolve in our huddle...Obviously we didn’t want Strus to get a touch...I thought McIntosh did a really good job...Made [Cain] shoot a really tough shot.”

On Vic Law’s injury: “What does Coach [Pat Fitzgerald] say? An upper body injury...He fell down on the play...He was [ill] early in the game...He had to head out with some stomach issues...We’ll get back and evaluate where he’s at.”

On sticking with Lindsey despite foul trouble: “He’s a senior. I trust that he’s going to be smart.”

On the bench’s play: “I thought the minutes by Jordan Ash, Isiah Brown and Anthony Gaines were huge...We needed those three kids to come in.”

On the team’s 18 turnovers: “Having turnovers is not who we are. We’re not a team that can withstand high-turnover games...We did a better job in the second half.”

On Bryant McIntosh’s performance: “The thing I like is he had seven assists and no turnovers...We can win with other guys too...He just had a tough night shooting...He had some [looks] he normally makes...They made him take tough shots...He’s just gotta flush that [game]...He’s gonna bounce back.”

Scottie Lindsey

On his game-clinching shot: “All night they were blocking the ball screens...I just looked up at the clock and i just new I had to get a shot up...I thought it was a good shot and it went in.”

On the bench’s play: “I think it was a confidence-builder...This was a huge game...I thought [Gaines] stepped up, especially guarding [Strus]...Every game with Isiah, he’s just getting better and better...Jordan is a good locker room guy...When he’s playing well, everyone seems to play well.”

On his performance: “I just wanted to do everything I could to help my team win...I felt like my team needed me to hit shots.”

Dave Leitao

On the game: “We were gonna have to beat them. They weren’t gonna beat themselves...They made the plays that a team that’s been around in these types of situations can make...We’re gonna face a lot of games like this that are played at this level...We’ve gotta do a better job collectively getting over the hump in a lot of areas...We’ve gotta make sure to shore ourselves up by watching the film.”

On whether the team’s free throw shooting impacted the outcome: “No...They don’t tell the whole story of the game.”

On the final play: “We wanted to get the ball in [Strus’] hands...He had a tremendous game, not just as a scorer but as a player...Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.”

On Eli Cain’s performance: “I don’t think he shot the ball well today...Today I thought they did a good job defensively on him...The ball was just a little short for him today.”

Max Strus

On the game: “This one hurts...I don’t really care about all the points..I just wanted the win...It would’ve been a great one. We just gotta move on.”

On the final play: “Every good player wants the ball in their hands...I trusted my teammates...Eli just had a tough shot...I trust Eli with that shot every time.”

On his performance: “I was just doing what was available on the offensive end...Teammates put me in great positions to score...Ball was just going in today.”