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Northwestern vs. Maryland: Press conference notes

Northwestern was disappointed with its effort and missed opportunities against Maryland

Northwestern fell to Maryland 74-64 on Wednesday night at Welsh-Ryan Arena despite a career-high 19 points from Isiah Brown. Melo Trimble led the way for the Terrapins with 32 points, which were also a career-high. See what Mark Turgeon, Chris Collins, and had to say afterwards:

Mark Turgeon

  • On his team’s play: “We rebounded better, which was great to see. We did a lot of nice things." He credited the defense on McIntosh as well.
  • On the atmosphere in Evanston: “It’s really cool, seeing all these people. It’s different, I like that.”
  • On the mindset heading into the Northwestern and Wisconsin games: “We just talked about what a heck of a week we have ahead, with a team behind us behind us in the standings and then Wisconsin on Sunday.”
  • On his team’s road success: “We had that early game against Georgetown, which we somehow won and it’s kept going from there...we had to have that michigan game, and we played like we did tonight. we have some guys that are tough mentally.”
  • Turgeon said he watched film from one of the Northwestern-Maryland games last season and remarked on how much the Wildcats have developed since then.
  • On Isiah Brown’s play: “This is one confident kid, this kid has some toughness. It took us awhile to adjust to him but we did.”

Chris Collins

  • On Maryland: “They outplayed us tonight. They’re really good and they deserved to win. We just have to regroup now and get ready for Saturday.”
  • On the difficulties of not having Lindsey: “Without him, we have to win games 65-60. Maryland is very potent offensively and I thought we just couldn’t match that...I did think the defense was good at times, but we just couldn’t put in the hole. It was just one of those nights.”
  • On Trimble’s play: “He hasn’t been shooting the ball well from three, he was 3-of-22 coming into tonight. He’s very shifty and you have to keep him away from the basket, but he split the ball screens and was able to get layups.”
  • On Anthony Cowan: “What the addition of Cowan has done is allow [Trimble] to be a scorer, and they can move [Trimble] off the ball. It’s definitely tough to guard when he gets rolling like that.”
  • On his team’s toughness: “Our guys are going to keep fighting, even when we went down big tonight we did that. We’re not going to lay down in those instances.”
  • On his two best players getting tired as the game went on: “[Bryant McIntosh] and [Vic Law] have been logging a lot of minutes and its important for other guys to help out with that. Isiah stepped up tonight...I thought Vic and B-Mac showed signs of fatigue.”
  • On McIntosh’s early fouls: “We’re a much different team when he’s not on the court. It was hard in the first half, he never really got into a rhythm.”
  • On Isiah’s strong play: “I thought he was confident tonight. He’s not afraid. We needed him to be aggressive and to attack, so I was proud of him. He gave us a real boost and a lot of energy.”

Vic Law

  • On the challenges of playing Maryland: “They’re honestly a really good team. They’re so deep and all the guys they play are aggressive. When you come in and play a team like this, they can put you in a hole like they put us in.”
  • On whether fatigue played a role in the loss: “Everyone’s tired at this point of the season. I’m not going to say I’m tired right now, that’s an excuse. We just didn’t play as well as we could have.”
  • On not having Lindsey: “When Scottie’s out there, he allows us to be a lot more aggressive defensively. He would have been helpful tonight with guarding Trimble.”
  • On how he played Trimble: “I could have guarded him a lot better. Early, I did a good job but I wore down and let him go. when he’s attacking downhill, it puts a lot of pressure on Dererk. It was hard for him to make that decision to stay with trimble or go back to his man.”

Isiah Brown

  • On his play: “My main focus is that any time I’m out there, I try to make a positive contribution. When you have a major part of your starting five go down, you have to make some adjustments.”
  • On the back-to-back tough opponents: “It’s the Big Ten. That’s going to be the norm; every night, you get to play against really good teams.”
  • On the team’s resilience: “Any time we have our backs up against the wall, we fight back. I was proud of the way we fought tonight.”