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A scantily clad student was the only thing that could stop Melo Trimble on Wednesday.

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Northwestern may have suffered a tough loss to Maryland on Wednesday night, but let's look on the bright side for a second. Rising from the ashes of that loss is one of the best moments in Northwestern basketball history of the season.

Generally, when opposing players head to the line to take free throws, the students behind the basket yell and wave their hands from side to side as the shot is being attempted. Some students spin giant circular "N" signs and some hold up the massive faces of alums like Touchdown Trevor Siemian and Darren Rovell.

But before the second half of Wednesday's game started, one of the leaders of NU Wildside told all the students to change things up and sit down when Maryland attempted its first pair of free throws. The students weren't told what to expect. I don't think anyone outside of the Wildside members who planned it could've imagined the magestic act of art that was about to happen.

When Vic Law fouled Melo Trimble less than 3 minutes after halftime, the students got ready. Trimble calmly strolled up to the line, looking to add to his 17 points. He too had no idea of what was about to unfold. Trimble received the ball from the referee. The students, almost in unison, sat down. Then it happened.

Northwestern Speedo Guy rose from his hiding spot.

Yes, a male Northwestern student wearing nothing but a purple speedo and a purple headband stood up and performed an interpretive dance while Trimble was preparing his shot.

The shot went up. Not even close. Trimble, an 83 percent free throw shooter, left it badly short. Clearly, he couldn't believe what he had just seen.

The student, senior Ryan McFarlin, continued to dance as the crowd roared in approval.

"What do you think of that visual?" asked BTN play-by-play announcer Dave Revsine.

"Ummm...that would be distracting," responded color commentator Stephen Bardo.

Yes, Stephen, it would be. That free throw would be Trimble's only miss from the line on the night, as he made his other four attempts. He also shot 12 of 17 from the field and dominated Northwestern with 32 points, but that's beside the point.

For one glorious moment, Trimble was powerless to the aura of Northwestern Speedo Guy.

Unfortunately, despite the students around him chanting "LET HIM STAY, LET HIM STAY," the student was removed from the game by Arena security, meaning it seems unlikely we will see the awe-inducing performance repeated.

Still, his memory will live on in the hearts of Northwestern basketball fans forever.