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Northwestern walk-on Charlie Hall jokingly questions Nate Taphorn following late-game three

Charlie Hall + microphone = must-see TV

Northwestern sophomore walk-on Charlie Hall sure knows how to milk his moment. And it doesn't seem like he'll let teammate Nathan Taphorn forget what happened Thursday night anytime soon.

Late in Northwestern's blow-out win over Rutgers on Thursday night, Hall entered the game. On his first offensive possession, Hall collected an offensive rebound off of a Taphorn missed three. As Isiah Brown dribbled down the clock, Northwestern set up a play to get Hall an open look at a shot. Here is that play:

Hall was open. Wide open. And it would have been an opportunity to get him the first points of his career. Though it was a missed opportunity, he did collect a career-high two rebounds in the game.

While Taphorn buried the three, the bench had an interesting reaction, as they noticed that Hall was open on the play.

"I think we were a little upset just because Charlie is a guy that comes in every day, does his job," Bryant McIntosh said, smiling about the moment after the game. "When we get him in, we'd like to see if we can get him a shot, get him involved in the game. I think some of us were a little upset with Tap. We're glad he hit the shot, but we would have liked to get the ball to Charlie."