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Photo Gallery: Northwestern celebrates its first-ever NCAA Tournament berth

It was raw. It was beautiful. Josh Rosenblat captured it from his perspective.

Celebration Josh Rosenblat/InsideNU

EVANSTON — There’s nothing quite like Selection Sunday.

No matter how sure you are of your team’s spot in the NCAA Tournament, each time a team is called that’s not your own adds a little more doubt to your mind.

With just one region left, “Northwestern” still hadn’t been heard. Surely the Wildcats were in. Surely this team would break the curse. Right?

Or could it be that the “bracketologists” got it wrong, that there was some overlooked hole in Northwestern’s seemingly strong resume?

But when CBS’s Greg Gumbel said, “And the No. 8 seed...” Welsh-Ryan Arena erupted with the force of 78 years of history.

Still no one heard “Northwestern.”

But it didn’t matter. History was written. This team had done it, even if it did come with unwelcome drama.

I documented the day as a photographer, doing my best to capture the emotion that unfolded. Here are 22 of the over 900 images I made Sunday: