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Northwestern is in the Tournament! Go make your picks!

Wildcats for the ‘ship.

NCAA Basketball: Selection Sunday-Northwestern Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

I know, I know: You’re already aware that Northwestern is dancing. That doesn’t make it any less awesome, though. In fact, we have something that makes it even more awesome: You can actually really pick them in your tournament bracket!

Look at how beautiful this is:

And it gets better. By playing along with us over at Yahoo!, you can be the omnipotent ruler of the bracket world.

So go crazy and live life to the fullest. Yesterday, we explained what the NCAA Tournament is and how it’s selected and whatnot, but we didn’t show you how to 100 percent correctly get it all right.

Here is how you win it all:

Wow look at how simple it is!

Just kidding. You have to fill out all of the games and select a champion and a score for the championship game (as the tiebreaker). Let’s have a good time picking Northwestern to win it all and then having it come true.