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Someone hung a big picture of the Gonzaga goaltend from the Arch, and it is glorious

We fully endorse this pettiness.

@NUWildside on Twitter

This morning, while headed to my 9:30 class, I saw something hanging from the Arch.

As I walked closer, it became clear exactly what it was. Somebody had blown up a photo of the Zach Collins uncalled goaltend in the Northwestern-Gonzaga second round NCAA Tournament game and taken the time and effort to hang it there.

My first reaction was awe. My second reaction was regret that I wasn’t the one to think of doing this.

Naturally, Twitter enjoyed it.

Even Rovell himself took notice, which is how you know it’s big.

Seriously, this is great, and we’ll update this post if we find out the genius behind it. It’s petty, it’s hilarious, and it’s a truly innovative way to jokingly voice displeasure. It’s beautiful.

Also, how cool is it that Northwestern went to the NCAA Tournament and now has fun (or not so fun) memories like this to be salty about for the next several decades?

UPDATE (11 am):

The mastermind behind this banner is apparently Weinberg sophomore Coby Parker, who used a GoFundMe with other Northwestern undergrads to finance it.

UPDATE: (1 pm):

It appears that University officials became aware of the banner and removed it, as it wasn’t there when I walked by early this afternoon. It had a good run, RIP.