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Join Inside NU’s The Bachelorette Fantasy League

There’s a fantasy league for everything now.

That’s our guy second to the right in the back row.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that former Northwestern defensive lineman Anthony Battle would be a contestant on the 13th season of ABC’s The Bachelorette. This, of course, was huge news. Battle will be, well, battling 30 other men for the love of Rachel Lindsay, a 31-year-old attorney from Dallas, Texas.

We like to cover serious news here at Inside NU, which means we are running a Bachelorette Fantasy League for 2017, which you can join for free here. The game will be hosted on The Rose Reckoner, one of many Bachelorette fantasy sites. The winner of the league will win a $20 Amazon gift card courtesy of Inside NU (staffers are eligible). We will be keeping track of everyone’s progress as we follow Anthony’s journey to love and happiness. Unfortunately, because this is hopefully going to be a large public league, we will have to autodraft.

The rules on Rose Reckoner are as follows (taken from their website):

Drafting: Around the first episode, players take turns selecting a candidate to build their team. Each team has three contestants from the show, and no two teams may be identical. At the beginning of the season, a contestant is allowed to be placed on two teams, but by hometowns a contestant is exclusive to one team.

Scoring: When any candidate does something on the show that is worthy of points, those points go to the team (or teams) that drafted that contestant. The exhaustive list of things that earn points is here, though if you're using this site you can just check out the points total as they are recorded on the site here.

Redrafting: As contestants are eliminated from the show, players have the chance to replenish their fantasy team with "free agent" players that aren't already spoken for. At the end of each Rose Ceremony, players with vacancies should take turns filling their empty spots. Teams with lower points have priority in choosing. Also, the team in last place may choose to swap out one of their team members with a free agent at the end of the episode.

Unfortunately, only a few lucky teams will be able to ride with Anthony along the way.

Here is the absurd scoring system:

The prognosticators are big fans of Northwestern’s Anthony Battle. SB Nation’s own Charlotte Wilder has projected Battle as the winner of the contest after the introductory episode. This feels like sports! This is sports! And because it’s sports, you can now bet on what will occur.

Here’s the link again. Let’s do this.