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Northwestern releases all-purple uniform combination for Week 1 against Nevada

Under Armour is really feeling the purple this month.

In ancient times, the only way to get purple dye was by extracting the mucus of harvested sea snails. The scarcity of purple dye and its non-fading abilities made it the color of Roman ceremonial and Imperial robes. Yesterday, Northwestern football released its uniforms for Week 1 against Nevada, and Under Armour is clearly angling for the regal all-purple look to start 2017.

From browsing through the amazing fansite Hail to Purple, Northwestern hasn’t worn all-purple uniforms since the 2011 homecoming game against Penn State. The all-purple combination should be a completely new look to most new fans (including me). The purple pants are a welcome addition to the usual black/white pants rotation.

The helmet is a classic white with a large Purple “N”. It’s a classic look, but still fits in well with the all-purple uniform.