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Watch: Episode 2 of “The Foundation”

The behind the scenes look at Northwestern football is back with recaps of the season’s first two weeks and much more.

Godwin Igwebuike is a heck of leader. So are Kyle Quiero and Justin Jackson.

Oh, and Tommy Doles and Chad Hanaoka are philanthropic goofballs, and Igwebuike can flat out sing.

These are just a few of the things we learn in this week’s episode of “The Foundation,” the bi-weekly miniseries that gives you a behind the scenes look into the Northwestern football program.

Other highlights include Fitz and Randy Bates taking a recruiting trip and the infamous Darren Rovell giving a speech to the team. The best parts, as always, are the footage from gamedays. With the dulcet tones of Dave Eanet on narration, this is always a good way to spend 20 minutes.