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Northwestern to wear black uniforms with grey pants against Bowling Green

Our first look at the black jerseys this season.

Northwestern will unveil its black jerseys for the first time all season in Saturday evening’s game against Bowling Green. After wearing purple against Nevada and white against Duke, the Wildcats will bring out the alternates.

The black uniforms that Northwestern wore successfully against Duke and Illinois last season will be paired with the alternate graphite pants that debuted against Wisconsin in 2016. This will be just the second time the Wildcats will wear these pants.

As for the helmet on Saturday night, it will be some sort of matte black. The possibilities include the black ‘Cat head helmet that we’ve seen since 2012 as well as the matte black purple N helmet that made its debut in the Pinstripe Bowl. Perhaps Northwestern will unveil the matte black chrome N helmet like it did last week in white.