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Austin Carr has a chance to make an impact for the Saints with Willie Snead’s suspension

MORE AUSTIN CARR CONTENT! You know you love it!

East-West Shrine Game,Austin Carr,Channing Stribling,northwestern, michigan Photo by Joseph Garnett, Jr. /Getty Images

Don’t look now, but Austin Carr has a good chance to produce with his new team, the New Orleans Saints. With Willie Snead out for three games after getting suspended for a DUI, Drew Brees and Co. needed some extra receiver depth for the start of the season. There’s a good chance we see Carr on the field for Weeks 1-3. If he impresses, he could stick around for much longer.

In theory, Carr is currently the last receiver on the 53-man roster, but the players in front of him are equally unproven. Tommylee Lewis made the roster after an impressive showing in preseason. Lewis and Carr actually have similar backgrounds; both went to school in Illinois (Lewis went to Northern Illinois) and were undrafted free agents. Lewis was definitely good enough to probably ensure a roster spot for the foreseeable future, but if Carr is crazy good, you never know.

The Saints are also probably committed to undrafted free agent Brandon Coleman (sense a pattern here? Snead was also an undrafted free agent). Coleman caught 30 passes for 454 yards last year and is a solid player.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, didn’t you write an article saying Austin Carr could make an impact for the Patriots last week? Then, he got cut, right? Yes, that’s true, but this situation is far rosier for Carr. For one, he’s on the 53-man roster this time, no questions asked. Jake Lampman, another competitor at wide receiver, was released yesterday.

Carr will have a chance to produce in the NFL right away, and he should fit in well with the Saints’ system. The other receivers on the Saints’ roster are Michael Thomas (locked in as the Saints No. 1 receiver) and 32-year-old Ted Ginn Jr., who is on his seventh life in the NFL. Ted Ginn is a good receiver, but he also has a lot of return duties and has never tallied more than 1,000 yards in a season.

So basically, Carr shouldn’t have too much trouble getting some snaps as long as he learns the playbook quickly. And with that Northwestern degree, that’s supposed to be his thing, right? Whatever the case is, Carr-Mania could very well hit the same level as Trevor-Mania did in 2016. Alternatively, this could be another Zach Sudfeld situation. We’re hoping it’s the former. But if the Saints thing doesn’t work out, he always has the New York Jets!