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Northwestern-Minnesota press conference notes

It was casual Wednesday at Allstate Arena.

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Northwestern Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Collins

  • Said the team needed to “regain their spirit.”
  • “had some success changing the defense up a little bit.” Collins said adding the zone and the press may be a one-night thing.
  • “I know somewhere in Milwaukee Pat Baldwin is going to be upset,” in reference to McIntosh breaking Baldwin’s single-game assist record.
  • Caught a break by missing Coffey and Lynch
  • On no neckties: “just a game-time decision man...I just decided to go no-tie tonight.”
  • “Anthony’s a big part of what we’re doing going forward.”
  • The team had a players-only meeting and a message from Collins in the last week or so.
  • Collins was not thrilled with Skelly’s technical foul. He said that the technical gave Minnesota some unnecessary momentum.
  • “I think we were all scared...I could tell by his reaction, he was scared, he thought there was something that could be potentially serious.”

Scottie Lindsey

  • Scottie got a haircut and said it helped with his confidence against Minnesota.
  • “We were just very real with each other this whole week. We put everything out there and talked about how we were struggling and not playing well and not playing our brand of basketball.”

Bryant McIntosh

  • McIntosh was very happy to get the assist record as a senior. Said he forgave Skelly for the dunk/technical.
  • “I thought my career here was over. I was in the back and you don’t know if something’s wrong or something’s torn or something, you just continue to look at the jersey...”
  • “I think we did a good job finding him [Aaron Falzon] when he was open.”
  • “We pressed today, played a little 2-3, just trying to make teams think of what we’re in...I thought we did a pretty good job of that.”

Richard Pitino

  • Said off-court issues affected the team. “Difficult hand they were dealt, but we got to work our way through it and continue to get better...It’s my job to get them back to having fun.”
  • In response to Minnesota’s handling of the Reggie Lynch issue, he said he followed protocol and referred everything up the ladder, essentially.