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Pat Fitzgerald was awesome on ESPN’s Coaches Film Room during the National Championship

Fitz was part of a very interesting and insightful group of coaches.

Will Ragatz

Alabama beat Georgia in a walk-off overtime thriller on Monday night to become co-National Champs with UCF win the National Championship. One of the many ways ESPN viewers could watch the game was the Coaches Film Room on ESPNews, which featured our very own head ball coach, Pat Fitzgerald.

Fitz was part of a six-coach panel that also included Duke’s David Cutcliffe, Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy, Colorado State’s Mike Bobo, Ole Miss’s Matt Luke, and former Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin. Fitz sat right next to Gundy, which allowed everyone to see a wild contrast in hairstyles.

I watched part of the first half via the film room and, to my surprise, enjoyed it. The coaches had good chemistry and offered interesting insight as the game unfolded. The general reaction from Twitter was quite positive, as well.

But let’s focus on some of the highlights from Fitz. Here’s the coaches’ reaction to the crazy final play of the game:

Look at Fitz, not wasting any time to break down the blown coverage by Georgia.

Here’s my favorite clip, though. Fitz clearly feels awful for Alabama’s kicker after he badly shanked the potential game-winner at the end of regulation.

He made up a nickname for Gundy:

He got excited over punt coverage:

He gave an honest reason for why he doesn’t call plays on offense:

And much more. While I was watching, Fitz wasn’t one of the most talkative ones, but when he did speak, he always seemed to provide some insightful detail.