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Nebraska postgame press conference notes

Here’s what Pat Fitzgerald and several players had to say.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Northwestern Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

After a comeback victory over Nebraska (0-6, 0-4), coach Pat Fitzgerald was joined by game-winning kicker Drew Luckenbaugh, safety JR Pace, defensive end Samdup Miller, quarterback Clayton Thorson, and wide receiver Flynn Nagel for the post-game press conference. Here are some quotes:

Pat Fitzgerald

On Thorson’s interceptions: “I think there were some plays that he’d like to have back but I loved his response, I don’t know how much you guys pay attention to this stuff.”

On the 99 yard drive: “That was pretty cool, 99.5 yards that’s as good as it gets.”

“Mick called a great two minute drive, I probably should have clocked it. There was the one first down where I should’ve clocked the ball.”

On Clayton Thorson: “They came up with a saying, Justin Jackson the Ballcarrier, now it’s Clayton Thorson the Thrower.”

On improvements: “We gotta look at what we can do, how we can do it better.”

On running the football: “It looks like were a bunch of one blocks away, we gotta make some guys miss.”

On Drew Luckenbaugh’s missed field goal: ’“Collins barely had the ball down and drew was hitting the ball.”

On Drew Luckenbaugh: “He’s in the garage over on campus as much as he’s in the football building, his future in life is spectacular.”

On Charlie Kuhbander’s injury: “He was out for today, I would list Charlie as day-to-day.”

On the starting kicking job: “Competition is for everybody, it makes good players great and great players better.”

On overtime playcall: “I thought we had two pretty darn good run plays on first and second down.”

On Flynn Nagel: “I just think he’s been relentless in his work ethic in his career.”

On penalties: “Our discipline right now from a penalty standpoint has got to be up there for the best in the country.”

On game planning: “If we don’t have those three time outs we probably lose that game.”

On Berkeley Holman: “He comes over and and said ‘brah I’m open.’”

On Chad Hanaoka: “Number one doesn’t go to somebody, it goes to THE wildcat.”

On Isiah Bowser and Drake Anderson: “We’re trying to play that redshirt rule a little bit with the two young guys.”

On trying to maintain redshirt eligibility: “My patience is running a little thin.”

On Adrian Martinez: “He’s obviously a freshman and he’s learning Frosty’s offense ... He’s a freak show, I mean he’s scary, he’s so darn athletic it’s scary.”

On seeing his 2008 team return for homecoming: “To see those guys, it’s the first time I’ve been smacked in the face with my role here.”

On the fans who left: “I didn’t see you leave, if you left because you don’t believe, we’ll welcome you back with open arms.”

Drew Luckenbaugh:

On advice from his teammates: “They were just saying ‘deep breaths, its nothing different than we practiced.’”

On practicing in high-intensity environment: “Every week we try to have some nascar situation, rush/simulate it.”

On his catchphrase: “Fix it and forget it, somewhat family and mostly coaching too.”

On finding out he was starting: “I learned earlier in the week when they were talking to Charlie.”

On his role model: “I do like Linus Torvalds, he took an idea of an operating system that was cheap and efficient”

JR Pace

On the victory: “Good team win. As a defense, there are a lot of things we still need to work on.”

On Nebraska’s offense: “They gameplanned really well for us. They hit with some things we hadn’t seen before.”

On the overtime stop: “We realized the game was on the line, and for us to win the game...”

On after the final whistle: “It was crazy. Dapping up and hugging all my brothers and teammates. It was good.”

Clayton Thorson

On what he’ll remember at his reunion: “I’ll remember going down by 10, looking around and seeing the life in their eyes knowing that we can move the ball”

On playcalling: “I think if you go back and look at the past few years, our two minute offense has been really good.”

“We threw the ball 64 times and we only had two sacks, to drop back 64/66/68 times and only have 1 sack that’s really impressive.”

On the final drive of regulation: “Ramaud made a huge catch and Ben with a huge catch on that post.”

Samdup Miller

On the feeling of victory: “It was just relief, I didn’t watch it [the game-winning field goal] and I couldn’t really tell by the crowd reaction either.”

On takeaways from the game: “I think it could really inspire us to keep working, a win like this shows we had the guts no matter if we’re down to keep fighting.”

On Drew Luckenbaugh: “Everyone calls him Drewski now a days.”

Flynn Nagel

On his career-best day: “I was just in the zone ... I just wanted to let Clay know I was there. We have that trust, and he did throw me the ball.”

“These are moments you’re going to remember for the rest of your life.”

On “being in the zone”: “That was a feeling I don’t think i have ever had playing football. It just felt different. [The love for everyone beside me] was on another level.”

On his confidence throughout: “It comes down to adversity. Everybody around us, whether we were down or not, you couldn’t tell. Guys were pumped up. We had to step up and make some big plays.”