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Nebraska gameweek press conference notes

It’s about handling success the right way.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

After an exciting victory over No. 20 Michigan State, Coach Pat Fitzgerald spoke to the media about Nebraska, among other things.

Pat Fitzgerald

-Opened up the press conference saying they were glad to welcome the 2007-2008 football team back for their tenth reunion. C.J. Bachér is an honorary captain for the Nebraska game.

On continuing success: “How do we handle success? We didn’t do very well last time that happened. I think we’ve got a lot of young guys who don’t understand how hard it is to win every week.”

On the increased usage of the passing game: “Moving forward we’re going to find a way to make big plays, it’s based on coverage matchups.”

On facing athletic quarterbacks: “There hasn’t been a non-athletic quarterback we’ve played yet. I thought we did a better job against Lewerke on Saturday.”

On Cam Green: “He’s playing with a lot of confidence and Clayton’s got a lot of confidence in him.”

On his interaction with Kuhbander after missing the field goal: “I didn’t allow him to say anything to me, I said he needs to get his mind right to go kick a game winner.”

On Cameron Ruiz: “His number got called and he was the next guy up, you can never have enough corners.”

On second half performance: “Back to back weeks I haven’t had to bring it up, the guys do.”

On turnovers: “We’ve got to eliminate those self inflicted wounds.”

On Kyric McGowan: “He’s playing really well in the kicking game, a young player that played last year but is still starting and growing, I’ve been very impressed with Kyric. He had an increased role on Saturday.”

On his 50th Big Ten win: “On to the next. I wish I would’ve gotten there quicker but I plan to be around for a while longer.”

On Northwestern’s running game: “We kind of suck at it right now. It’s amazing we go from the all-time leading rusher to yuck.”

On Drake Anderson’s high school injuries: “To see him overcome those injuries was pretty darn impressive.”

On his 2013 post-game press conference against Ohio State: “My hand’s pretty sore we’re still knocking ... We’ve got to keep moving forward, I think that’s overall as a whole program it’s with marketing, it’s with fan support. We’ve come a long way and we’re not satisfied by any stretch.”

On the students: “If it were me, knowing what I know at 43, I would party my rear end off every Saturday because you can, I try to have fun every Saturday whether we’re at home or on the road.”

On the Nebraska fans: “Since we’ve played Nebraska there has been no fan base to get to know better than theirs.”

On Scott Frost: “I’ve got so much respect for him and his program.”

On coaching your alma mater: “There’s just something a little more when you’re at your alma mater, it means more when you win, it hurts more when you don’t.”