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Northwestern-Minnesota predictions

We’re unanimous this week, which is weird.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Davis Rich: Northwestern 20, Minnesota 17

Everything about this matchup screams trap game, and my brain tells me to pick against Northwestern. Whatever. It’s hard to pick against this team right now.

Lukas Stachtiaris: Northwestern 21, Minnesota 13

I feel like Northwestern still has one more bad loss left in them but I’m going to ride with the Big Ten West champs for now.

Noah Coffman: Northwestern 39, Minnesota 0

Who the heck knows with this team, man. The last time I had no clue, I picked the ‘Cats and they won. So I’m riding with that.

It’s Pat Fitzgerald’s world and we’re all just living in it.

Graham Brennan: Northwestern 28, Minnesota 10

The ‘Cats roll. In fact, they roll into Indy at 8-4.

Joe Weinberg: Northwestern 28, Minnesota 20

Another 150+ yard game for Bowser carries Northwestern to their sixth win in seven games.

Matthew Albert: Northwestern 24, Minnesota 10

This game will not even be close. The fact that Vegas has Northwestern as underdogs is honestly puzzling to me. The ‘Cats have managed to just win, sometimes it doesn’t necessarily make any sense, but if you told me four weeks ago that Northwestern would beat Wisconsin, Iowa, and play Notre Dame close and still be an underdog to Minnesota, I would be in shock. This seems like an absolute no-brainer. Bowser bowls over the Minnesota defense, putting up new personal bests, defense is shut down again. I don’t buy into the “nothing to play for” hype, because Fitz understands the difference between entering a bowl at 6-7 vs 8-5 (if we don’t end up in the rose bowl which is TBD) and so I’m not concerned about this team losing motivation. (Side note: I’m not saying I’m the most reliable pick but I do have the best prediction winning percentage.) Also for the record: I am in fact perfect in Big Ten (prediction) play.

Lia Assimakopoulos: Northwestern 24, Minnesota 17

Avery Zimmerman: Northwestern 21, Minnesota 20

Every time I pick Northwestern, they lose. Every time I pick against Northwestern, they win. I could see this game going either way, but I’ll take the blame if Minnesota wins it.

Caleb Friedman: Northwestern 27, Minnesota 21

I’ve picked against Northwestern three straight weeks, but that ends this week. The game will be close, and Minnesota will give Clayton Thorson and the offense some trouble. Pat Fitzgerald has the better team, and I don’t think a let-down is coming.

Eli Karp: Northwestern 24, Minnesota 20

We’ve got B1G weather in Minneapolis with a forecast high of 25 degrees. What does that mean? Bowser. The freshman rumbles for another 100-yard game and a score or two, while Clay finds the end zone with his legs.

Martin Oppegaard: Northwestern 28, Minnesota 24

Season Standings

Caleb Friedman: 6-4

Noah Coffman and Davis Rich: 5-5

Avery Zimmerman: 4-6

Matt Albert: 6-3

Joe Weinberg, Lia Assimakopolous and Martin Oppegaard: 5-4

Lukas Stachtiaris: 4-5

Eli Karp: 3-2