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Northwestern-Notre Dame predictions

Our staffers are split on this one.

Northwestern v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Davis Rich: Northwestern 24, Notre Dame 21

Why not? Party on the Lakefill.

Eli Karp: Northwestern 30, Notre Dame 28

Notre Dame may claim to have God on its side, but Northwestern is neighbors with Sister Jean.

Caleb Friedman: Northwestern 24, Notre Dame 31

Northwestern covers as a home dog, but the Irish-to-the-playoff train keeps rolling. Ian Book makes just enough plays in this one.

Noah Coffman: Northwestern 10, Notre Dame 23

An angle that’s been seized upon by many is Northwestern possessing the best defense, by a considerable margin, that Ian Book has faced this year. But at the same time, Notre Dame’s elite defense seems like it has been overlooked a bit. Outside of Michigan, who Clayton Thorson and company struggled mightily with after the first quarter, Northwestern’s offense hasn’t faced a defense of this caliber. And while this game seemed like a trap at the start of the season, with Florida State scuffling there’s no reason for Notre Dame to look beyond this one. Dexter Williams will help Notre Dame maintain a distinct time of possession advantage as the Fighting Irish shut down Northwestern’s offense. The defense keeps it close, but Notre Dame earns another victory in the end.

Avery Zimmerman: Northwestern 27, Notre Dame 20

On the back of a monstrous performance by the Northwestern defense, Notre Dame’s playoff hopes are ruined and Fitz gets the biggest win of his coaching career (and we all get to enjoy a distraught Brian Kelly whining).

Lukas Stachtiaris: Northwestern 31, Notre Dame 14

My predictions have been pretty pessimistic all year, but I have to ride with the ‘Cats this week. I think Notre Dame is going to choke at some point, so why not us?

Matthew Albert: Northwestern 24, Notre Dame 21

I’ve been really torn on this matchup, and this game could go either way. I expect Northwestern to learn from the Fighting Irish’s game vs Pitt, trying to shut down the run (as they have effectively in the past few weeks) and I think that the offense does just enough. Isiah Bowser has another monster day as Fitz puts more faith in his first-year back, Thorson still isn’t phenomenal but makes strides before a huge matchup in Iowa next weekend. Expecting Fitz to reflect back to the ‘95 game and “expect victory” (cheesy I know but necessary.)

Joe Weinberg: Northwestern 16, Notre Dame 14

Originally planned on picking Notre Dame but peer pressure is real, folks. Go ‘Cats.

Spencer Levitt: Northwestern 27, Notre Dame 24

Every prediction I’ve made so far has been for Northwestern, and I still have a donut in my loss column, so I’ll keep it going this week. Northwestern’s defense will stand tall when needed, Isaiah Bowser stays hot, and, as a result, Clayton Thorson will find his groove with some bootlegs to pick up the Win (with a capital W).

Lia Assimakopoulos: Northwestern 24, Notre Dame 20

Graham Brennan: Northwestern 24, Notre Dame 23

Northwestern got an important Big Ten win last week. This week, they shock the Fighting Irish and the college football world.

Martin Oppegaard: Notre Dame 34, Northwestern 31 (OT)

The game lives up to the hype.

Season Standings

Davis Rich and Caleb Friedman: 5-3

Noah Coffman and Avery Zimmerman: 4-4

Matthew Albert, Lia Assimakopoulos, and Joe Weinberg: 5-2

Lukas Stachtiaris: 4-3

Spencer Levitt: 3-0

Eli Karp: 2-1

Graham Brennan: 1-0