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UPDATED: Take a look at the renovated Welsh-Ryan Arena

We’ve got photos, videos and fast facts.

Davis Rich/InsideNU

We got our first look at the renovated Welsh-Ryan Arena Friday afternoon. Here are some first-look photos at the new court:

There are really no bad seats. The nosebleeds of the old Welsh-Ryan are gone, and pretty much every fan in the arena is on top of the action. NU’s new four-sided video scoreboard is pretty stunning, too.

Here’s a video tour of the facility produced by the athletic department. You can take a look at the new locker rooms and training rooms in this clip.

Some facts about the new arena:

  • The arena has 101 televisions throughout the concourse.
  • The new locker rooms are 2,000 square feet each, including a fueling stations, a kitchen, a lounge, and televisions.
  • The main lobby on the south end of the arena has doubled in size.
  • The arena features chairback seats on every seat in the arena besides the student sections.
  • Public restroom fixtures went from 53 to 144.
  • The program is touting Welsh-Ryan as “the most ADA-accessible venue in college athletics.” Apparently every vantage point has an ADA section.
  • The court was shifted north by about 30 feet from the old facility.
  • The building is now 10 feet longer on the east and west sides to accommodate for wider concourse. We can confirm the concourse are WAY wider now.
  • The building now has windows that allow for natural light to seep into the arena.