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Northwestern vs. Illinois Predictions


NCAA Football: Northwestern at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Friedman: Northwestern 31, Illinois 10

Illinois is a train wreck.

Davis Rich: Northwestern 35, Illinois 21

Illinois has a legitimate run offense, and they’ll score some points. Northwestern will score more.

Matthew Albert: Northwestern 38, Illinois 0

Hat hat hat. Hat hat. Hat.

Eli Karp: Northwestern 34, Illinois 13

Lovie Smith’s time is soon up.

Joe Weinberg: Northwestern 27, Illinois 7

Easy win for the good guys.

Noah Coffman: Northwestern 64, Illinois 0


Avery Zimmerman: Northwestern 35, Illinois 17

Northwestern has struggled this year against lesser competition. That trend does not continue on Saturday, as Northwestern handles Illinois easily.

Lukas Stachtiaris: Northwestern 27, Illinois 13

Martin Oppegaard: Northwestern 21, Illinois 14

Season Standings

Caleb Friedman: 7-4

Noah Coffman and Davis Rich: 6-5

Avery Zimmerman: 5-6

Matt Albert: 7-3

Joe Weinberg, Lia Assimakopolous and Martin Oppegaard: 6-4

Lukas Stachtiaris: 5-5

Eli Karp: 4-2

Graham Brennan: 2-1