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Northwestern vs. Ohio State predictions

The one you’ve all been waiting for.

Northwestern v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Caleb Friedman: Ohio State 34, Northwestern 17

I definitely think Northwestern has a chance, and I think the score will be close early. Ohio State just has too much talent at the skill positions, though, and I see Dwayne Haskins controlling this game.

Davis Rich: Ohio State 30, Northwestern 17

Ohio State has a lot of chances to score, but the Wildcats hold them to field goals on several occasions. Meanwhile, Clayton Thorson and the offense hold their own, but a turnover early in the second half means the Buckeyes put the game away.

Matthew Albert: Northwestern 35, Ohio State 31

Northwestern will come out incredibly hungry and Ohio State coming off a massive win will start slowly. The ‘Cats have been phenomenal at forcing punts from third and long situations and will have success early limiting Haskins and tOSU offense. On offense, Northwestern will rely very heavily on Isaiah Bowser, who will be the driving force for the Wildcats offense. This game will be full of long and slow drives, where Northwestern will have to make the most of the few chances they have. Mick McCall will, in tandem with Pat Fitzgerald, call the game of his life and lead Northwestern back to Pasadena. Yes, this prediction may be idealistic, but this season has defied every odd so far and I don’t see why that trend does not continue this Saturday.

Avery Zimmerman: Ohio State 41, Northwestern 21

Northwestern has an incredible ability to play up to its competition and keep games close, as we all know, but Ohio State will just have too much speed and athleticism for Northwestern to deal with. Ohio State’s offense is unlike anything Northwestern has faced this year, including Notre Dame. For Northwestern to have any chance in this game, it’ll have to play its best game of the year, as well as Ohio State playing one of its worst. Unfortunately, I just don’t see that happening.

Joe Weinberg: Ohio State 30, Northwestern 14

Jim Delaney will not let Ohio State lose this game.

Lia Assimakopoulos: Ohio State 41, Northwestern 24

Northwestern can definitely compete on Saturday, but Ohio State is far too talented and will ultimately come away with the win. While the Wildcats may be able to fight throughout the first half, Haskins is going to dominate the second half like he did against Michigan. An upset is not out of the picture, but Northwestern fans will have better luck hoping for a good game.

Noah Coffman: Ohio State 40, Northwestern 31

The defense will make a couple of plays and Thorson, alongside a typically solid day from Bowser, should be good enough to score some points. But though Northwestern, as usual, keeps it close, Ohio State’s offensive speed will overwhelm this team. I don’t see them getting significant pressure on a relatively mobile QB like Haskins behind a competent offensive line, and that will put entirely too much pressure on the linebackers. The Wildcats should stand up the Buckeyes a couple of times in the red zone, but that might be the only silver lining against this dynamic offense.

Eli Karp: Ohio State 33, Northwestern 20

Ohio State will rack up yards. It’s just whether those yards turn into a lot of points or kinda a lot of points. I see the ‘Cats hanging tough for the first half and into the early stages of the second. This game really comes down to Northwestern’s defense and its ability to hold Ohio State to field goals in the red zone. It’s able to do that for a healthy part of the game, but Ohio State’s sheer talent, athleticism and big game experience, combined with knowing it must win comfortably to have any shot at making the College Football Playoff, will win out in the second half.

Lukas Stachtiaris: Ohio State 28, Northwestern 21

I definitely think that Northwestern covers the spread and outplays a lot of people’s expectations. I also think Northwestern has a very real chance to win this game. Ohio State is going to put up a lot of yards, the key for Northwestern is going to be playing a bend don’t break defense so that those yards don’t consistently become points. The Buckeyes makes a couple too many explosive plays for Northwestern to keep up with and the ‘Cats fall just short.

Tristan Jung: Northwestern 33, Ohio State 28

Just posting this because, in addition to being euphoric for Northwestern fans, it’s the only way to get UCF into the College Football Playoff.

Martin Oppegaard: Ohio State 41, Northwestern 24

Season Standings

Caleb Friedman: 8-4

Noah Coffman and Davis Rich: 7-5

Avery Zimmerman: 6-6

Matt Albert: 8-3

Joe Weinberg and Martin Oppegaard: 7-4

Lukas Stachtiaris: 6-5

Lia Assimakopolous: 6-4

Eli Karp: 5-2

Graham Brennan: 2-1