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Northwestern vs. Utah Holiday Bowl predictions

See how our staffers see Monday’s game playing out.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Conference-Football Championship-Northwestern vs Ohio State Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Friedman: Utah 28, Northwestern 24

Both teams have injuries, but I think Jordon Thompson is the biggest. With Thompson anchoring the run defense in the middle of the defensive line, Utah has success running the ball and outlasts Northwestern in San Diego.

Davis Rich: Northwestern 21, Utah 13

Putting a dent in Kyle Whittingham’s 92 percent bowl success mark becomes another reason to remember this 2018 Northwestern season.

Matthew Albert: Northwestern 24, Utah 10

There is not a doubt in my mind Northwestern wins this game. It won’t be an easy game but Thorson will step up in his final game, methodically picking apart this Ute defense to cap off another successful Northwestern football season.

Tristan Jung: Northwestern 31, Utah 27

Blatant homer pick. That’s all. In my opinion, Utah should not be favored by a touchdown.

Noah Coffman: Utah 12, Northwestern 10

Utah’s special teams will make the difference here. With a Lou Groza award-winner and a Ray Guy award-winner going up against a struggling Wildcat third unit, the Utes should win the field position battle, and in a defensive struggle that should translate to the scoreboard.

Martin Oppegaard: Northwestern 17, Utah 13

The under, every day of the week and twice on Monday. Northwestern’s missing a few of its best players on defense, but I’ll take the team with a four-year starter at quarterback playing the last game of his college career.

Season Standings

Caleb Friedman: 9-4

Matt Albert: 8-4

Joe Weinberg and Martin Oppegaard: 8-4

Noah Coffman and Davis Rich: 8-5

Avery Zimmerman: 7-6

Tristan Jung: 1-1