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Join Inside NU’s NCAA Tournament bracket pool

You can’t pick Northwestern to win it all, unfortunately.

NCAA Men's Final Four - Practice Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Northwestern won’t be in the NCAA Tournament this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t believe we know more about college basketball than the rest of the country, right? Inside NU is back with our annual NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge.

If you want to join our bracket group, the link is here. There’s no password, just join. The winner of the men’s bracket challenge will receive one (1) Inside NU banner of their choice for the day (within reason) and a Twitter shoutout so make sure to put something identifiable (like your Inside NU username or Twitter handle). Do you think you can outsmart our incredibly intelligent staffers as well as your fellow readers? Well then join now!

This year, we’re also running a women’s bracket for the first time, so make sure to enter that as well. The winner of that bracket will also get a banner for the day and a Twitter shoutout. There really won’t be much basketball content left, so we might as well, right? Go Northern Colorado!

[We’ve moved to ESPN to make it easier for the staffers to manage our other bracket competitions. If you object, sorry, I’m not changing it.]