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Northwestern’s NFL Draft prospects impress at Pro Day

Tyler Lancaster had 36 bench press reps, among other impressive results.

Northwestern v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Northwestern had its Pro Day on Tuesday afternoon at the Trienens Center. Plenty of Northwestern soon-to-be graduates showed off their talents for Pro Day, with some seriously impressive results.

We also got a great hype video.

Tyler Lancaster

The most impressive performance from Lancaster was his 36 bench press reps, which would’ve placed fourth at the NFL Combine. I personally think Lancaster could probably make it a professional weightlifter if football doesn’t work out, so this is no surprise. He’s absurdly strong.

Lancaster weighed in at 313 pounds and came in at 6 feet and 3 4/8 inches. His long wingspan and broad jump results confirmed Lancaster’s elite athleticism. His 4.96 40-yard dash time wasn’t too shabby either and his three-cone drill was also impressive.

For NFL Draft purposes, Lancaster’s physical tools won’t be the issue, as he proved today. His lack of national exposure and his lack of sacks and pressures during his college career will be more of a concern. But if an NFL team needs a run-stuffing, athletic defensive lineman to play situationally, Lancaster should be on its radar.

Kyle Queiro

Queiro has been highly touted by Pro Football Focus and it was no surprise he did a full workout at Northwestern’s Pro Day. His work at Northwestern’s Pro Day was sufficient to put him somewhere in the middle for the defensive backs in the draft in terms of results. Queiro had a good 40-time (4.71) and a solid vertical leap (81 inches). He is a solid all-around safety and would probably be on some draft boards if he played for Michigan or something, given his college results.

Meanwhile, his teammate Godwin Igwebuike must have been satisfied with his performance at the Combine as he did not participate in any of the drills at Pro Day. He did get a new set of Northwestern measurements which confirmed he’s actually 1/8 of an inch taller and his wingspan is an inch longer than previous measurements. Gotta get those stats correct!

Justin Jackson

Jackson did not do a full routine at Northwestern’s Pro Day, but he did do another round of the bench press. Jackson improved from 14 at the Combine to 15. Marginal, but still a good job from Northwestern’s star back. He also got a new set of measurables, which had little change.

Garrett Dickerson

Dickerson didn’t get a Combine invite but is probably looking at an undrafted free agent contract. Dickerson bench pressed 21 reps and ran a 4.77 40-yard dash, and he might be looking to make it as a fullback or special teams player, depending on the situation. His measurables and broad jump were good as well.

Brad North

North isn’t on many draft radars, but he was a really solid center for Northwestern over the past two seasons and is the Wildcats’ best offensive line prospect in ages. North weighed in at 292 pounds and stood at 6 feet and 2 1/8 inches. He can certainly play the position and knows how to run a pro-style offense. North ranked about in the middle for his 40 time and number of bench press reps. There are a lot of offensive linemen who will get looks before him, but North should still have a shot in the NFL somewhere.

Here’s the full list of results: