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OP-ED: Northwestern’s Barstool-themed sandwich is actually bad

And we’re not talking about the taste.

Kempton Races Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Hot take time:

Hey, guys, look at this.

This stinks! It’s bad! To explain, Barstool Sports is a bad website for people, mostly male frat boy types, who prefer their sportswriting done at a 4th grade reading level. The website and its authors have blatant overtones of racism, antisemitism, or misogyny, depending on the day and the author. It’s actually bad.

But apparently, Northwestern’s marketing team decided it’s a good idea to partner up with the Stoolies. That’s kinda bizarre. Northwestern’s student body would be considered by most to be “liberal” if not “quite liberal,” making a funny promotional gag about Barstool seem a bit out of place. Then again, Northwestern isn’t as sanctimonious as we’d hope, by a long shot, so maybe there is a market out there for aggressive male stupidity. I mean, I get it, Northwestern wants attendance at baseball games, but is this really what we’re willing to put up with?

Regardless, what makes this latest idiotic promotion from the Brain Geniuses who brought you Really Good Stuff like this extra frustrating is that Barstool Sports should be uniquely offensive to anyone who cares about Northwestern Sports. Let’s take an example from 2017.

Ashley Deary is one of the most successful athletes Northwestern has ever had. She’s the Big Ten’s career leader in steals and was a stalwart at the point guard position for four years. She rocks, a lot, and is good to me. One time, during a game, she tied her shoe during the run of play and had the ball stolen, resulting in an easy lay up. It was, to say the least, a weird and regrettable play. Here is how Barstool Sports covered that play.

Here’s what Barstool wrote about one of Northwestern’s student athletes

Any time another sport tries to come along and steal the spotlight, women’s hoops shows up to remind you who the GOAT is.

I mean stopping literally in the middle of dribbling during live game action and giving the ref the “one second” finger then tying your shoe is absolute Next Level with a capital N and L.

Long live the king.

The above is misogynistic garbage.

That Northwestern not only doesn’t care, but finds it important to build marketing campaigns around the guy who works for this publication, is a joke. I should also mention Big Cat is a Wisconsin grad.

Anyway, I have written lots of words about why Barkeep Sports is a bad place, and many others have also written plenty about why it’s bad. If you, reader, are not familiar with Barpool, I say “congrats,” for you have managed to avoid one of the worst crawl spaces on the internet. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s an excerpt from something I wrote a while back when the Barsofa Feline Guy and the PDF Commenter Man had a show on ESPN. That show lasted one episode, making it one of the least successful network cable shows of all time, so may I offer a “way to go” to the Barchair men.

In a world in which the sports media landscape, nearly en masse, has decided to swing towards inclusion, diversity of voices, and a generally conscious tone, Barstool Sports has bravely stood athwart history, yelling Stop. Their transparent pandering to the basest of our instincts, our tribalism, and our perverted ideas of masculinity has proved to be tremendously fruitful.

More specifically, here’s something about how Dan Katz, AKA Parstool Large Tiger, who many reading this will say is not outwardly problematic, is not worth admiration or spending time on.

More than almost any other industry, in the wide world of Online Media, you are who you work for. You take on that all that baggage. If someone packed up their bags at the New York Times and went over to Breitbart, you would know exactly what that says about them. Likewise, if someone went from the Washington Post to Gizmodo, you would know what that says about their ethos. Moving from anywhere to Barstool Sports tells you all you need to know about a person’s value system. And it tells you that you don’t need to pay attention to them anymore.

But congratulations to the Northwestern social media team on getting 2,000 likes on their tweet and maybe convincing one Spoolie to come to a game they would otherwise have skipped. Enjoy your chili cheese burger.