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Northwestern to practice in new Ryan Fieldhouse for first time on Saturday



Pat Fitzgerald took to Twitter on Wednesday evening and posted a photo that rendered me speechless for a second or two.

The subject of said photo is Northwestern’s brand spanking new lakefront Ryan Fieldhouse. You’ve obviously already seen it if you clicked on this, but in case you only gave it a brief glance before coming to read this, go back up and appreciate it for a while.

Stunning, right? The view just doesn’t get much better than that.

On Saturday at 10 am, Northwestern will practice there for the first time. We’ll be in attendance along with the rest of the media, taking in the beauty of the new place. It’ll also be the first spring practice (Northwestern’s 12th of 15) that we get to watch, so I’m sure we will have plenty of actual football analysis and quotes for you as well.

But for now, all we have is one picture. Here’s some reaction from the internet:

In all seriousness, this facility is a game-changer. Not just the field itself, but the Walter Athletics Center, which has a strength and conditioning center, meeting rooms and offices, a dining facility, and much more.

No wonder Gavin Skelly wants to join the football team.