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How to Watch: Ryan Lumsden at the U.S. Open

The rising Northwestern senior and former Wildcat Matt Fitzpatrick tee off at Shinnecock today.

After becoming the fourth Northwestern men’s golfer in 20 years to qualify for the U.S. Open as an amateur, Ryan Lumsden will begin his journey at Shinnecock this afternoon. The junior will be paired with Japanese late entry Rikuya Hoshimo and PGA Tour member James Morrison. The threesome are scheduled to tee off at 1:20 PM CST. Lumsden’s participation in the prestigious event will come on the heels of a banner year: the London native finished his junior season with the eighth-lowest score average in Northwestern history.

Meanwhile, Matt Fitzpatrick will be making his fourth appearance. Lumsden’s countryman spent a year at Northwestern before winning the U.S. Amateur Championship, and has quickly developed into a tour fixture. The 23 year old Fitzpatrick will tee off alongside fellow pros Bryson DeChambeau and Matt Kuchar at 7:13 AM.

Lumsden’s second round, will begin at 7:35, while Fitzpatrick will wait until 12:58.


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