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Northwestern goes for Halloween-style white/white/black combo

Against Indiana this Saturday, the Wildcats will be breaking out a little-used uniform combination.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

As November approaches and the weather turns, we are officially nearing the end of #SpookySzn. To commemorate the occasion, NU football is breaking out a very lightly-used uniform combination as they traipse into Bloomington this weekend.

According to official Northwestern jersey chronicler Ella Brockway, the Wildcats have donned this unique attire just once in the past seven years, in a more notable game where they played the role of the underdog:

The Wildcats gave the sixth-ranked Buckeyes a run for their money in that matchup three years ago, but ultimately fell short 24-20. This week, 1-6 Northwestern will be hoping desperately for a different outcome against the surging Hoosiers.